Leeward Logo

December 12, 2016

The focus for the logo of Leeward Investment Group is, of course, leeward and wind. Leeward means ‘the side sheltered or away from the wind.’ That’s why Aruba is part of the Leeward Islands and why this investment group chose the name Leeward. It is safe from the winds.

Next to ‘safety’ the power of Leeward Investment Group is important to emphasize. The hurricane became the inspiration for the logo. The mark radiates strength and a forward movement. The typography stands next to or below the mark, on the safe side. It’s a sans serif font to emphasise the strength and with it’s soft roundings  it is still accessible.


freeway-leeward_01 freeway-leeward_02 freeway-leeward_03-2 freeway-leeward_04 freeway-leeward_05