Stichting Bloedbank Aruba finding heroes among us!

June 21, 2018

Before launching their new campaign in search of new blood donors, called Heroes Among Us, Stichting Bloedbank Aruba started off a few fun and off-beat events to gain attention.

During Aruba’s annual Arubabank 4 day Walk & Run event, multiple participants were spotted wearing long red capes. Heads turned, pictures were taken, and next day newspapers were filled with articles about the hero sightings.

Not long after, trees in downtown Oranjestad and along the Linear Park were having 50+ capes hanging from them, with cryptic messages tied to the stem. Shoppers around Plaza Daniel Leo and families making their rounds at the Linear Park frequently stopped to have a look at the tree, and tried to make sense of the situation. Everyone can be a hero? Am I a hero? WHAT IS ALL THIS????

Last but not least, only a few days before presenting the new campaign, Main Street in Oranjestad was filled with ‘shoppers’ wearing the same, long, red capes. Now not only locals, but also tourists, were surprised by these ‘heroes’ walking among us.

Finally, on Thursday June 14th (World Blood Donor Day), Stichting Bloedbank Aruba presented it’s new campaign: Heroes Among Us. Supported by the belief that your neighbour, co-worker, or even your relative can be a hero by donating blood and therefore saving a life, they hope to grow the number of local blood donors in 2018 and for years to come.