A well-oiled museum

August 1, 2016

Freeway got the honor of creating the logo for the Museum of Industry. An industrial feel is achieved by using a letter that consist of different elements. These type of fonts were introduced in early 1900’s yet this particular font is converted to a modern and abstract look with the combination of straight lines and rounded corners. The Capital use of the letters enhances the bold and robust appearance.

Instead of choosing mid tones of grey we choose to use the much stronger black. It relates to industry and power. The black is combined with an iron blue which associates with intelligence, stability and unity. The color white functions as a balance between these colors.

The elements used in the stationary are representing different types of industry in the history of Aruba. We used a symbol of a gear wheel, representing the oil and phosphate industry, a windmill which represents the green industry and the pie-chart is used when monitoring the tourism industry.


freeway-museum-of-industry_01 freeway-museum-of-industry_02 freeway-museum-of-industry_03 freeway-museum-of-industry_04